Siddharth Ashok

Siddharth Ashok

Hello, World!

I am Siddharth Ashok. Co-founder of GrandWorks, a multidisciplinary digital agency, where we help businesses around the world with outcome-focused design and development.

I work as a Front-end developer and thrive in the grey area between design and development. I am passionate about CSS, web performance, clean code, and designing functional UI/UX.

I like building communities and organizing events. I am the lead organizer for WordPress Goa and Goa Web Folks meetup group. I also like to contribute back whatever I have learned by speaking at events on topics related to Front-End and WordPress.

Believer in constant learning, I enjoy being curious and keep learning new things in my work and personal life. I always strive to create something better for the world we live in.

Born in Varanasi, I now live in Goa, the land of sun and sea.

You can follow my story on Instagram, tweet me, or simply mail me at